.... think I told you that there was some debate as to who actually wrote it. It's typed as is. All punctuation, spelling and grammatical mistakes are hers. Also, she didn't sign it--giving some the impression that she didn't write it and didn't want to put her signature on it. Feel free to put it on your web site.

Several booksellers have given me a copy of a leaflet from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union inviting them to attend a Q & A session. They told me that a small group of current booksellers and former booksellers have been meeting in secret for monthss.

To begin with, I want to say to those people that if you have something important to say, then it should be discussed out in the open. All booksellers have a right to know what's going on. This kind of secret activity leads to dissention. It breeds a "me/them" atmosphere that is not like what most of us value at our job.

Some of you may know that this is the same union that has been trying to unionize Borders for years. In it wake (her typo), it has left disappointment, frustration, internal bickering and broken promises.

IF you decide to attend this Q&A session, I hope you will bring this letter with you and share it with the union. If I were you, I'd want the union to discuss in detail some of the following questions. You've got a right to know.

1. Ask the union to make a list of each of the things it thinks is wrong at our store. Ask the union what it can do about these things and when.

2. Ask the union why despite a two-year national campaign at Border's, this union has won only four elections.

3. Ask the union why it has been able to negotiate only three contracts at Borders. Ask the union to show you a copy of those agreements - one for a Chicago store, one for a Des Moines store, and one for a New York store. Ask the union for a written comparison of the benefits Borders' booksellers had before the union came in an d the benefits they now have under these contracts. Then ask the union why those booksellers have no better benefits then (again, her error) they had before the union came in and in some cases even less benefits, and why those booksellers now have to pay union dues.

4. As (her error) the union why employees who were active in forming a union at the Borders store in Bryn Mahr, Pennsylvania have now filed for a decertification election to throw the union out.

Since I became the store manager several months ago, many of you have come to me and expressed concerns about what went on in this store prior to my arrival. You all know that I appreciate your candid observations and suggestions. I can't change what happened here in the past. But, since I got here you all know I have worked very hard to make this store a special place to work, where there is an open environment and oopen communication among all of us.

One final thought. IN all probabilities, this union meeting is more than a Q & A session. My guess is that during the meeting, the union will probably try to pressure people into signing union cards. My suggestion is that you don't sign a card before you learn much more about this union, how unions operate, and what signing a union card really means.

In my opinion, maybe a union makes sense in another place, but not this store and not now.


(although she left space for her signature, she forgot to sign the letters.)

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