Glacier Nat'l Park

Arches National Park, Utah

Nederland, Colorado

Nederland, Colorado


Green River, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Cambodia 2007

Thailand 2007

Korea 2007

China 2006

Korea 2006

Thailand 2006

Cambodia 2005

China 2005

Japan 2005

China 2004

China 2003

China 2002

Thailand 2002

Thailand 2005


Beijing Summer Palace

Seoul, South Korea 2003
Pictures of me

Protest at Pyongteak, South Korea 6/18/2006

Kyounghee University - Seoul, South Korea Spring 2006

Daechuri, S. Korea. Protest agianst expansion of US Military base

Seoul, South Korea 2005

Louisville, Kentucky

San Francisco Peace Rally Feb 15, 2003

San Francisco Peace Rally November, 2002

San Francisco Street Art

Louisville, KY
Democracy Rally December 2000

San Francisco Photos 1

San Francisco Photos 2

Navajo Reservation, Arizona

Canoeing on the Green River in Kentucky

Arches National Park, Utah

Havasupai Reservation, Arizona

Continental Divide, Colorado

Runes at Mesa Verde, Colorado

Valley Station, Kentucky

2 Bad Boys

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Geyser Formations, Yellowstone Park

San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Monument Valley, Arizona

Near the peak of Mt. Whitney, California

Marmot on Mt. Whitney, California

Jefferson County, Kentucky


My Neighbor

My Neighbor