Sent: Sunday, September 07, 1997 7:02 PM
Subject: A big, gigantic, thumbs up!!!!!

Hey out there!

Way to go! You're doing great work! Keep it up! We handed out print-outs of your site to B&N workers here in NYC, and they love it! You're counter nearly doubled since I saw it last week, too!

My name is Jason, I work in the Borders Bookstore in the World Trade Center, NYC. We just won our union election back in June, and are in the process of contract negotiations. Our workers are very happy to see your site. We ran a little story on you in our newsletter, too. Send me a mailing address and I'll get you a copy.

Call me anytime. We've all got to stick together. Different colored nametags, but all one struggle.

In Solidarity,

Jason Chappell
Brooklyn, NY