How to Configure MIRC for Chatting in the Barnes & Noble Union Yes! Chatroom

  1. Download a copy of MIRC from:
  2. Install MIRC - Click on the mirc531t.exe icon and the MIRC program will load onto your computer.
  3. Open MIRC, or double click on the MIRC shortcut.
  4. When the MIRC Setup Dialog Box appears, indicate a connection to a random US DALnet Server (This is usually the default setting for connections). Enter your name and e-mail address in the spaces provided. Enter a Nickname, which will be the name that identifies you in the chatroom. Also enter an alternative, or 2nd choice Nickname in case your first choice is taken. Try to pick unusual nick names. If you choose names that have already been taken by someone else on the server, you will be booted off IRC in just a few seconds.
  5. Hit the Connect to IRC Server button.
  6. You will now be linked up to DALnet, and presented with a list of open channels.
  7. You need to enter the name of a channel to join. In the mIRC Channels Folder, enter the following into the name of channel to join:


    Enter this character string exactly as it appears here, including the score # sign. Hit the Add Button just to the right of the form. This will include #Barnes&Noble_UNION_YES! in your selection of channels.
  8. Double click on the new #Barnes&Noble_UNION_YES! selection and you will be connected to the chat room.
  9. Chat away

The next time you open your MIRC program, the #Barnes&Noble_UNION_YES! channel will be listed as a selection. Stop by often and tell your friends.

If you have trouble connecting, please see:

For more detailed instructions on mIRC Click Here.

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