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comments: What can I say? Bootsy, you are too intense!!

name: Pam O'Malley

comments: Nice eyes.Very dignified.
To me cats are sacred creatures.
They get to sleep more than half the day.


name: Christopher J. Poche
comments: Bootsy is quite cute and looks to be pretty well-evolved.
Power to the people.

name: Tony Baize

What a stud!! Pinky-Nose and Pinky-Ears!
I bet you drive all the girl cats crazy!!!

name: Sandy

comments: I am allergic to you.


name: Dominic Bosco

comments: I'm so supprised by your site!!
My cat, a female of nearly two years is called Bootsy, after Bootsy Collins, because I like P-funk!
I live with my two cats in Amsterdam, Holland and I'm now surfing on a public internetpoole, wich is installed in public places all over my city!
I hope you give you're Bootsy a hug from me, because I think he or she looks raelly cute!


name: jasmine reemer

comments: Cute Cat!

name: Jim Turner & Ann

comments: Woah mama. Check out da hottie.


name: Nica

name: guillermo machuca
comments: Bootsy my king. Can I play drums with your band?

name: Anders Lorentz

comments: Mayan says...."Do you want to swap collars?? I am getting really tired of this blue sparkly one she bought to match my eyeballs and I fancy your lavendar one"


name: Mayan Bleu (cat in Hollywood California)

comments: what a beauty! I love cats so so much and you are as cute as they get, you kinda look like my rabbit.

name: mariaelena bartesaghi

comments: Bootsy! You are SO cute! Nice collar! (Purple is my favorite color, although tell your ownerthat they have really cool tie-dyed ones at the store!)

name: Lori

comments: Meow, meow, meow. Meow. Meow
- Soren

- Homer Bean


name: Soren & Homer Bean

comments: Bootsy, you are a cutie! You would be a good match for my Samantha. She is 14" tall, white & orange, with pretty green eyes. She says "hi!".


name: christy



name: Christina


Bootsy says

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