Why is our district manager taking employee after employee to the back for intense, high pressure interviews?

Why is Barnes & Noble Superstore President Tolworthy making repeated, anxious calls to our store when previously he never noticed our existence?

Why is our store suddenly full of guys in ties and pagers, who watch us closely but never ask for help or buy anything?

Why does our assistant manager want to know who has what in their locker?

Why did the employee phone list disappear for days (to be "retyped") only to reappear unaltered when we demanded it?

Because the company is scared you'll find out the truth.

They're afraid you will get ahold of some actual information about how the company compares to the national average; about how much Barnes & Noble makes that it spends on things like its corporate jet instead of rewarding the employees it "values."

They're afraid you'll demand job security or your benefits in writing...or something outrageous like that.

Why are they scared? Because they know we're right. And they'll do anything they can get away with to stop us:

Is a company that will do this to you one you want to trust with your job? Or is it a company from which you want protection ?

The only way you'll be treated right is if you demand it.

-Bookseller James Gaines Barnes & Noble #2705
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